Core Values

Core Values

We are thankful and committed to be guided by the same values that have defined Zeller Electric for the past 40+ years—at work, at home, and in our community.




We practice our Christian faith in our business and in every relationship.


Zeller Electric is grounded in the Christian principles of integrity, honesty, humility, and empathy. You can count on us to bring these values into your project, working with diligence and a commitment towards excellence.


We are driven to serve others - friends, family, community, and clients.


Zeller is devoted to steadfastly and selflessly serving our clients, communities, families, and friends. Every customer becomes part of our family and your satisfaction and well-being are our primary goals.




We push ourselves to keep growing, professionally and personally.


Our team members aspire to be exceptional while always striving to grow and thrive in our jobs and relationships. Zeller participates in professional organizations like NECA and are regular contributors to non-profits making positive differences.



We pride ourselves on working hard, and we hold our work to high standards.


Excellence in craftsmanship, workmanship and friendship are all hallmarks of a Zeller Electric project and is a mandatory component in everything we do.