The Power Within

The Power Within

There is a power within Zeller Electric that's undeniable. It's a strong and steady power charged by a desire to live out our core values and a passion to deliver outstanding electrical services. You will see it in our skilled and experienced technicians whether they are working on a small residential project or a major installation in one of the nation's most technologically advanced vehicle manufacturing plants. You will hear it in the voices of our support staff when they assist you with your electrical needs 24/7. And, you'll feel it in your relationships with every Zeller employee. Hard work. Integrity. A commitment to excellence. It's all part of the power within Zeller Electric.


The spark was lit in 1979 when brothers Jon and David Zeller shared a dream to serve Central Illinois with an electrical services company founded securely on their Christian principles. From day one, the combination of excellent customer service and expert craftsmanship set standards for decades of growth. Today, the 100+ Zeller employees share that same dream and have a mutual commitment to live out the Core Values.


Extensive Experience


Right now, work done by Zeller Electric is providing cozy heat in a family home, powering a food product manufacturing machine, lighting a busy schoolroom, running life-sustaining medical equipment, streaming internet for a rural farming business and locking down security with cameras and alarms for a mammoth warehouse. And that doesn't include the green energy projects that are dotting the area because of Zeller!


We have been privileged to serve a wide variety of customers over the last 40+ years and play even a small part in the success of so many companies. There is no business too large or small or no electrical challenge that we can't take on.


That experience is strengthened by our involvement with trade organizations such as the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA) and the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW). These partnerships and the ongoing training and education of our employees translates into professional technicians that are skilled in the latest technologies and industry standards. 


Legacy Leadership


Today Zeller Electric is guided by a second generation of leadership: Seth Zeller, Luke Zeller and Brian Rieke. This team is driven by the same spirit and passion as the 1979 founders and have directed the company through continued growth. This growth is due to the dedication of the entire Zeller staff, the trust and confidence of every Zeller client, partner and customer and ultimately, to The Power Within.