Green Energy

one of our greatest sources of power is right above our heads. let zeller electric harness it for you.


green energy


The world of green energy can be intriguing, exciting, and maybe even a little intimidating. Where do you start? Will it really save me money? Is it hard to maintain? What about those tax incentives? We can help you unravel green energy like solar power, wind turbine power and electric vehicle (EV) charger installation and recommend and install what's best for you and your business or home. Not only do we understand the composition, construction, and electrical demands of green energy but we can guide you on the regulatory compliance, code requirements, load calculations and material procurement as needed. Our green energy team will bring the Zeller strong work ethic and commitment to excellence and value that we have for every project to yours so you can power your house or company - and help save the planet.


Outstanding projects in Green Energy:

State Farm Hangar, State Farm MRSF, BOPI Solar, Aunt Em's Solar, Becks Solar, QMERIT EV Chargers


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Our Green Energy Services


The energy from the sun is now yours to capture. We will work with you to power the optimal green energy setup for your situation. It's good for the environment, it's good for your budget and it's good for you.

EV Chargers

Whether you have a single EV in your home garage or a fleet of electrical vehicles running for your business, our professional and certified technicians are ready to install your EV charging stations.